The next Mississippi Legislative session will be held in January 2017 until April 2017. According to the Mississippi Code Ann. Section 27-19-44(3), 300 signatures must be collected and $31.00 prepaid before the bill is passed and signed by the current governor for a state tag to be issued on the behalf of any group or organization.

In accordance with the Miss. Code Ann. Section 27-19-44(3), for any distinctive license tag or plate authorized by the Legislature from and after July 1, 2007, the Mississippi State Tax Commission must have three hundred (300) signed applications plus the special tag fees for three hundred (300) tags before the State Tax Commission will begin producing a particular distinctive tag series. The organization or other entity for which the Legislature authorized the distinctive license tag or plate must satisfy these requirements within three (3) years after the effective date of the law authorizing the license tag or plate in order to permit the license tag or plate to be prepared and issued.

Read the law here.

You can help us by completing the attached form (LINK HERE) and purchasing this tag for your vehicle for $31.00. It will not only generate revenue for the organization, your city, county, and state, but it will also bring an awareness about this population to the community.

STEP 1: Print and complete the form. The Mississippi Department of Revenue requires a handwritten signature. You can fill out the form fields before you print the form if you wish.

STEP 2: Include a payment of $31 (checks or money orders only). Payments should be made to Aunt Joyce’s Kids.

STEP 3: Mail your payment and signed form to Aunt Joyce’s Kids, P.O. Box 3981, Jackson, MS 39207.

For questions or concerns, please call Kimberly V. Bracey at 601-214-0156 or send an email to Thanks!


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