When I discussed creating Aunt Joyce’s Kids with my husband in 2014, I knew that I wanted an organization that would be an original just like my Aunt Joyce- no carbon copies. Her name was Joyce Baker, a.k.a. Aunt Joyce, who passed away in 2012 from a rare form of leukemia. I did not want her love for children, her lending hand, or her legacy to come to an end. In memory of her, this organization will assist single-parent caregivers of children with chronic and catastrophic illnesses. Our goal is simple: To create an original and meaningful difference in the community for this population of caregivers and to lessen their stress levels by offering a hand in various areas of their lives.

To repeat what other organizations are doing was not even a second thought; as a matter of fact, we wanted to aid families in ways that no one in the Southern region has ever offered. We want our contributions to these families to not only be memorable, but to have a unique impact by contributing in overlooked areas of these caregivers’ lives and identify the hidden opportunities for them to still be successful and their child to be well cared for-mentally, physically, financially, domestically and educationally.

The driving force for Aunt Joyce’s Kids is to use our critical and creative thinking skills to provide unusual approaches to be of great assistance and encouragement to these families. We partner with other groups in the area who also embrace new and creative ways to resolve problems that have been unrecognized and create solutions to ease the stress of caregiving.

We have paid close attention to the services provided by government agencies that provide services to low-income families and the processes they have to go through for approval. Though we appreciate the efforts of the government and their assistance, Aunt Joyce’s Kids strives to allow their families to not go through strenuous application processes or receive poor customer service to get little to no assistance. We are drawn to support these families far beyond what they could ever imagine. The sky is not even the limit!

We will always do research to continue to establish various ways to assist these families and give them the helping hand they need and deserve. We are excited to find innovative ways to support every area of a caregiver’s life so they can have a peace of mind while caring for an ill child.

Everything we do at Aunt Joyce’s Kids is designed to promote the livelihoods of single-parent caregivers and improve various disparities. We desire to change the world, one family at a time.

Kimberly V. Bracey, MPA
Founder, Aunt Joyce’s Kids


I was born and raised in the Jackson, MS area and attended schools in the Jackson Public School District. I received my BSM and MPA from Belhaven University and currently pursuing a doctorate in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University. I have worked in the legal field, municipal, county and state government, nonprofit sector and private sectors for over 20 years. I have also catered and owned my own catering company for twelve years, Cakes by Kim. My research focuses on the Affordable Care Act and single-parent caregivers of Mississippi Children with Leukemia. My research has been presented in Washington D.C. I am married to former Election Commissioner Santore D. Bracey and together we have five children- Jhaiyde, Maxwell, Bricelynn, Kyla and Isaiah.

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